100 PCS transfer A4 paper for all DTF T-shirt clothes Printers – Double sided, matte film

45,00 $

High Quality Paper A4 Size, Used to transfer pictures to T-shirts after printing


  • Product name: PET film
    Quantity per package: 100 PCS double-sided matte
    This link is all double-sided matte.
    A4 size: 21×29.7cm (double-sided matte)
    Purpose: Used to transfer pictures to T-shirts after printing. After printing, DTF powder should be evenly sprinkled on the pattern, and then transferred to T-shirts.
    Epson original printer recommends to purchase double-sided matte, single-sided matte may cause paper feeding error.
    The modified DTF printer has a paper feeder with suction function, you can choose single-sided or double-sided.
    Applicable printer: Epson original printer, or modified DTF printer
    Commonly used models are: Epson R330 T50 P50 L800 L805 R1390 1400 1500 L1800 R1800 R1900 R2000 P400 R2400 R2880 DTF Printer.
    Double-sided matte PET film
    Double-sided matte will not jam when printing


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