DTF printer thermal transfer powder TPU hot melt adhesive white powder PET film

20,00 $

Suit for Epson A3 A4 A2 L805 L801 L1800 R1390 XP15000 ET-8500 and all dtf paper and roll printers


  • Product name: White ink heat transfer hot melt adhesive powder
    Compatible with all DTF printers and DTF inks
    Main material: thermoplastic resin adhesive/Polyamide
    Melting point: 95-105°C
    Packing: 1000g
    Suggested use temperature: 140-160℃
    Specification particle size: 80um
    Hot Pressing time: 5-15s
    Uses: Used for powder transfer after printing on PET film. Suitable for flat and roll film after printing, evenly sprinkle powder on the surface of the white ink, then use an oven or a hot press to dry, then transfer to the T-shirt clothes, heat it with a hot press for 5-15 seconds, and then tear the film directly.
    1. Low temperature, good elasticity, strong adhesion fastness
    2. Washing resistance
    3. Non-bleeding, environmental friendly, have excellent bonding function for elastic fabrics
    Storage method: Store in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight, keep tightly closed


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