LED UV Ink For UV Flatbed Printer

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UV ink for rigid materials printing on metal/phone case/ wood/plastic suit for all UV flatbed printers

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  • MOQ 1L/set
    Color C/M/Y/K/White
    Volume 1000ml
  • Type LED UV Ink
    Printing Type Digital Printing
    Place of Origin Guangdong,China
    Product name UV ink for rigid materials printing on metal/phone case/ wood/plastic
    Item UV hard ink for rigid materials
    Feature Fast Dry, High UV resistant
    Application Leather/Advertising banner/flatbed material/Metal/Glass/Ceramics/wood
    MOQ 1L/set
    Color C/M/Y/K/White
    Volume 1000ml
    Raw Material Imported from Germany
    Certificate ISO9001/MSDS/SGS/RoHs
    Quality Grate A+
    1 New formulations, Nanoscale grinding technology, friendly to human and environment;
    2 High precision, Wide color gamut, great adhesion, scratch-proof and water-proof;
    3 Non-toxic, No VOC, odorless,dry fast , fine fluency, high UV resistance;
    4 Bright color, high saturation, superior color performance;
    5 Above 3 years outdoor durability.
    Use for glass, metal, ceramic, timber, plastic, acrylic, KT board, composite board, cell phone shell, PVC, PC, PET, wall paper, leather, TPU, film and etc
    1 This product should be stored in black, airtight container, avoid direct sunlight, keep away from heat and children.
    2 Need to keep out of the light in the whole printing process, the ink tube and ink sac of the printer should use black opaque material.
    3 Avoid contact skin when the ink is not curing, if accidentally touch, wipe immediately with tissue, and then wash with soap, go to the hospital timely if skin sensitivity occurs.
    4 Use UV cleaning solution to clean the ink tube, printhead before use, to avoid any damages to the nozzle, please do not use other band of cleaning products.
    5 Please shake it before use the white UV ink.
    6 Keep the surface of the media clean and dry before printing.


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